This university project consists in designing an object that follows the philosophy and catalogue already present within the Vicenza-based LatoxLato company. A focus on materials, craftsmanship, creativity and innovation is required.

A coffee table that gives light and character to the environment.


LatoxLato is a completely Italian project born in 2018, a design brand that thinks out of the ordinary and tries to look at things with different eyes from normality, what arises are objects that are out of the usual canons; made by the great masters of craftsmanship, who take the time to obtain every single piece.


Vitruvio is a variable-height coffee table with geometric lines with an unmistakable peculiarity. What makes it unique is the central element, a large brass screw, which supports the entire system while giving rigidity and flexibility at the same time.

The starting idea is built up on the genius and creativity of Leonardo da Vinci, a unique character of his kind, creating an object that, in some way, would remind him, of his genius and his inventions.


The structure is made up of three main elements: a central screw that acts as a connection and a light point; and the arms, elements that are well divisible and equal to each other; one rests on the ground to support the entire structure and the other on which the huge glass top rests in an elegant way. The meeting points between the floor and the structure, as well as between the latter and the platform are only those necessary, in order to obtain structural and visual lightness.

Finally, the materials interact with each other to create an unmistakable piece of furniture that adds refinement to any environment, but also beauty and brightness to everyday life that, in some way, would remind him, of his genius and his inventions.



  • Italy as a source of inspiration
  • Push materials to their limits
  • Attention to details
  • Think outside the box
  • Arouse emotions and sensations
  • Research of the singular, unique piece
  • Surprise, amaze, fascinate
  • Novelty
3D section analysis

minimum height: 410mm

maximum height: 560mm

height difference: 150mm


Vitruvio Coffe Table – 2021 – University Project


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