Passo was born from the collaboration with the 9010-Novantadieci to renew its outdoor lighting catalogue. We started studying a particular and rare material that is not commonly used for lighting, such as clay and cement. We had to consider many factors, such as the minimum thicknesses to be respected and the mass given by the final volume of the object, trying to give it a sleek and lightweight appearance.

The result is an outdoor lamp that can illuminate the environment around it in a diffused way, also concentrating its light beam where it is needed.


Beauty and functionality are the basis of all my projects, trying to reach the maximum expression in the simplest form. Characterised by extreme efficiency and a geometry composed of very simple, almost brutalist, lines, he can easily adapt to the surrounding environment.

Passo is inspired by the shape of the famous theatre lights that still illuminate great movie stars today. These spotlights, in addition to making the scene clear, elevate and show those who are within their beam of light. Therefore, just as the greatest artists parade in the spotlight, Passo will light our way making us feel like stars.


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Passo Outdoor Lighting – 2021 – 9010 Novantadieci


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