Inside the LatoxLato design studio, I had the opportunity to work on this project as an industrial designer in all aspects, from ideation to prototyping. The seat arises from the combination of solid geometric shapes and characterizing elements of the LatoxLato style. A set of modern and timeless lines and geometries, able to adapt to any space it is inserted, gives life to an original and intriguing object which in turn delivers an elegant, refined and contemporary tone that does not go unnoticed.


Cork is such a unique and precious material, it can give a particular character all its own to the objects and environments in which it is used. The intention is to encourage the RE-use of cork, which can be 100% recycled countless times. With its particular scent, characteristics and softness, it can give a special touch to any space, whether it is the interior of a winery or a domestic environment.

This seat comes from the recovery and recycling of cork, in fact, only 7 grams of cork, the equivalent of a wine cork, corresponds to 14 grams of CO2 not released into the environment. Furthermore, by recovering it we are not going to decrease the raw materials, preserving them for the new generations and promoting a circular economy.


Details & Materials

The intention was to think of an extremely ergonomic shape that could be created through a casting mould. The real challenge is to design an element that can support the weight of a human being but at the same time is ergonomic and not too heavy to facilitate movement. All this has led to the creation of this seat that can easily accommodate a person in a comfortable and welcoming way, all with a relatively low weight.


The chaise longue made with recycled cork is presented with soft padding in eco-leather or vegetable leather, making the seat even more comfortable, giving a more modern and refined character through a touch of colour and the uniqueness of the leather. The combination of these two materials promotes greater respect for the environment and is also particularly attractive.


With this variant, the intention is to bring a sustainable way of thinking. Cork is combined with bio cotton characterised by a long pile, offering greater comfort while seating. This combination is mainly designed for environments determined by a Nordic and refined style. The intention is to provide environmental sustainability, comfort and design.


Cocoon Chaise Longue – 2022 – Studio LatoxLato – Greencorks


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