Dazzle Lights

The project

The Dazzle lights project intends to increase road safety by simplifying the movements that the cyclist must make to orient himself in traffic, signal his movements and plan his routes in the contemporary context that has seen a rapid increase in both the number of bicycles in cities and the dangerousness of the roads, due to the chaotic traffic.

Dazzle lights is an integrated system for cyclists consisting of two lights, front and rear (illuminating, directional and braking), a small monitor, a charging station and a companion app.


The city for a cyclist is still a hazardous place. Urban traffic and the lack of adequate cycle lanes make riding in the streets a problem. The lack of visibility when driving and the lack of useful feedback for turning forces the cyclist to remain vigilant on useless things, which can cause incidents.


Dazzle’s goal is to eliminate all the barriers that hinder average circulation. Dazzle focuses mainly on increasing the presence and visibility of the cyclist within urban traffic, distracting the user from unnecessary movements during the ride.


of cyclists ride without lights or turned off.


of cyclists ride with little lighting.


of cyclists ride in fair light conditions.


of cyclists ride correctly illuminated.


  • Highlight the presence
  • Automate commands
  • Intuitive system
  • Durability and resistance
  • Turning indicator
  • Focus on driving
  • Integration with app
  • Increased security
  • Compact product
  • Economically accessible

Key needs

  • Small sized product
  • Automate input through technology
  • Enough light power
  • App and physical product integration
  • Highlight cyclist’s turning phase
  • Eliminate phone use during the ride
  • Get more focus on the ride
  • Make the cycling world safer


This contemporary context has seen both the number of cyclists in crowded cities and dangers on the streets rapidly increasing, generated by the chaotic traffic and the essential need for coexistence
between slow and fast vehicles.

Dazzle wants to revolutionize the driving experience, and for this reason, we have designed a set of products and services that together will create a simple and functional ecosystem.

Dazzle lights intend to increase road safety by simplifying the movements that the cyclist must make to signal his presence on the streets and plan his routes.

Back Lights

Dazzle Back, the rear light has been equipped with a triple LED system to manage the directional lights, left and right, and, in the centre, the braking light. The turn signals, controlled by the touch screen, allow the cyclist to signal his intentions to turn, while the stop, connected to a sensor that interprets the force of braking, increases and decreases its light intensity in accordance with the action applied on the brakes, all to the advantage of those who ride behind the bicycle.

Protecting you behind

Part of an interconnected and smart family. They are capable of automatically adjusting themselves and turning on ad off all the lights automatically thanks to the information received by the App, which following the predetermined path will think about the whole process of turning signalling and user safety.

The back Light operates in a range of 45 to 80 lumens and is capable of increasing and decreasing the intensity based on the braking force applied. In addition, the turn indicators will turn on automatically according to the journey on the app.

The product acts flexibly making it usable on multiple occasions. Fewer distractions and more safety, for you and other road users.

Always with you, watching your back.

Front Lights

Dazzle Front has been equipped with LEDs that illuminate the path to be travelled and a small touch screen placed in favour of the cyclist’s gaze to allow him to keep the various elements of the system under control in a fast and intuitive way: for example to manage the directional lights with a few taps or to follow the preset path via the Dazzle app.

Lightning the way ahead

The front light has been conceived and designed to illuminate the road ahead, but above all to have under control the path taken and the data useful for it. This is not just a simple position light, but a much more complex product connected to the ecosystem. The app can contain a helpful guide that can be displayed on the screen to accommodate the journey according to the needs.

It has been designed with a power ranging between 80 to 200 lumens. Completely capable of illuminating the city centre and the streets right outside the city, where the dark is the master.

Plastics such as polycarbonate for the transparent parts and ABS for the outside shells are making it impact and weather-resistant. In other words, indestructible. At the end of its life span, it can be disassembled in every single piece and then recycled without losing durability and resistance.

Lightweight, durable, but most importantly, accessible. The screen interface has been to achieve the best user experience. In a small space, you can control the route and the data linked to it, as well as the biometric data.

It doesn’t only light the
way ahead…

…it gives you other
valuable information.

UI studies

Training data

This screen will show the data of the training in progress, chosen by the user; in this case, we find the power exerted and the distance travelled. In addition, the indicator appears that signals the activation of the left directional light. This turn signal will be a fading animation that reminds the cyclist of activation.

Route data

It shows the slope of the path that the cyclist is facing. The numbers indicate the percentage of slope and the meters remaining on that particular slope. In addition, the percentages will have colour within the green-yellow gradation (green = low slope, red = extreme slope).


A constantly moving map that shows the user the path to follow. In this case, a notification that appears at the bottom alerts the user to turn left within a certain number of meters. Each type of street will have an identifying colour, as well as homes, shops, green areas, etc.


To avoid using the phone while cycling, the screen will not show any notification regarding messages, applications, etc. It will only show the incoming call, inviting the user to stop and answer the phone.

Dazzle App

The app has been designed to allow you to adjust the entire ecosystem through functions that meet the specific needs of different cyclists, in order to make the user experience intuitive and pleasant. Functions and navigation have been studied to ensure an agile use, consistent with the world of cyclists, and, in particular, to offer speed, simplifying travel and supporting networking needs.

UI app studies


When the application is opened, before logging in, several introduction screens to the app will be shown.


The home was designed to have all the tools of the app on a single screen: Maps, paired products, user profile and settings.


Once the search is
started, the interface
will show the chosen
destination, the distance
to be travelled, the
expected time and a
preview of the map.


Once the map is started, we will have the route in real-time and various functions, such as the possibility of obtaining information on points of interest or friends in the surroundings.


The user profile interface shows various functions such as the distances travelled, the customization of our lights, our profile and the settings icon.


The settings are an essential part of the proper functioning of the app, as we find various functions such as the device library, statistics or our personal information.


Within the statistics, we can analyze our displacements over distances travelled, time spent, calories lost and average altitude, also checking them in different time frames.


From the settings, we can access the section of our personal devices, with the possibility of associating our Dazzle products with our app, as well as being able to put them on standby or turn them off.


Dazzle Ecosystem – 2021 – University Project – Team Group


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