Inside the LatoxLato design studio, I had the opportunity to work on this project as an industrial designer in all its aspects from the ideation, to the prototyping and final production of the project prototype, just in time for the Salone del Mobile 2022 in Milan. The aim was to create a small collection of objects to be introduced in the new Tonin Casa and Black Tie catalogues. We decided to create a collection of three objects, a flower vase, a fruit bowl and finally a tray/centrepiece, starting from the idea of ​​creating a small family of creatures from the fantasy world, which needs to be at the same time intriguing, fun, refined and elegant.


Tonin casa and Black Tie are two brands that combine the refined taste of timeless elegance with the manufacturing excellence of Made in Italy. Authentic beauty and recognizable déco style are the concrete expressions that have always distinguished the refined design of its products, which come to life in the Vicenza district.


The ceramic, a solid, classic and historical material, meets dynamism and plays through a series of objects that recall the animal world. Fantastic and unique creatures that give uniqueness to the environment in which they are placed. The collection was born from the idea of ​​combining simple shapes, in search of an iconic image that astonishes the observer thanks to the particular shapes and graphic decorations that break the everyday life of the sharing spaces.

Fruit bowl

The concept of the fruit bowl is revisited playfully. A particular and unique object that gives elegance, play and peculiarity to any environment in which it is placed.


Combination of minimal shapes that reduces each line to essentiality in such a way as to show what matters, enhancing every detail and decoration. Seriality expresses stability and movement at the same time.


A singular and delicate longitudinal shape carries with love and delicacy any flower placed inside it.

Two styles

Two similar but different realities, under the same roof. Both represent Italian quality and craftsmanship but in totally different ways. Tonin Casa is inspired by the classic world determined by soft and elegant shades. Black Tie on the other hand has a strong and extroverted ego that pushes hard on the shocking image that amazes everyone.

Making of

During the design process, we had to make some changes to the objects to adapt them to artisanal production. These small modifications made it possible to reduce costs and speed up the process that otherwise would have prevented us from being exhibited at the Salone del Mobile in 2022. Although aesthetic changes have been made, the objects have not lost any quality, either aesthetic or functional.


Chimera Collection – 2022 – Studio LatoxLato – Tonin Casa+BlackTie


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