Experiences and emotions are important, just as people are.

Since I can remember I have always had an enormous passion for understanding how things work and how they are made. The desire for discovery guided me from an early age have formed the person I am today. I’m a curious person about the world around him, creative in finding ideas and solutions to the problems that arise and, above all, always willing to get involved by solving challenges and troubles, trying to arrive at a solution that satisfies all needs. I’m focusing in particular on the relationship between people and objects, the emotions and experiences that are generated during all phases of this relationship and the life of the object. Addressing in the first place the topics of repair, reuse and recycling, ecological impact and waste of materials during production processes.


Luciano Michele Lettieri is a Verona-based industrial designer and product visualiser born in Venezuela but raised in Italy. After attending the industrial design course in high school, he continued the path by joining design once again at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona. After graduating, Luciano began his professional career working in a young design studio based in Bologna, entrusted immediately with various responsibilities and deadlines, and freelancing in his spare time. His studio focuses today primarily on designing objects for B2C and B2B companies, providing product visualisations and also supplying product-related bits of advice were asked.


Studio LatoxLato


Shortly after finishing my experience in the academy, the young LatoxLato studio opened its doors to me, welcoming me and allowing me to mature my university knowledge. Right from the start, I was given a lot of responsibilities allowing me to show my skills and challenge myself. Today I am in charge of project management from the initial idea to the realisation of the prototype, working on a wide range of products, from rugs to complex modular lighting systems.

The Academy of Fine Arts allowed me to deepen and further develop my knowledge in the field of industrial design. Above all, despite the global pandemic and the lockdown, this experience allowed me to meet a group of energetic and positive people, full of desire to do and always ready for new challenges and adventures, which involved me all around on increasingly difficult and elaborate tests. Attending an environment such as the academic one led me to discover the emotional side of things and to deepen the relationship that objects have with the users who use them daily. All of this has given me the tools I need to start my career as an industrial product designer.



Throughout my free time between university papers, I started to improve and increase my 3D product rendering skills, posting everything I did on my social networks. After some time a few companies reached out to me for a couple of renders about their new products. Since that moment I’ve started collaborating with different companies in the field of product visualisation, improving every day and bringing all the new knowledge into my work. We are increasingly looking for an image capable of producing a visual impact, emotions and sensations, so it is not enough to have only a product in front of a white background.


Squassabia Group

My university career has allowed me to come into contact with one of the largest realities regarding the interior design field in my city, the Squassabia Group an interior design studio that has carried out many international projects. Since my studies were more solid and rich, I was able to be better involved in the dynamics of the studio. My responsibilities ranged from researching and assembling a mood board that reflected the client’s directives and requests, to technical drawing and finally to renders and presentation of the project. Supporting the designers and planners in the most technical and essential phases of work. Unfortunately, it was a short experience because the exams were almost upon me and I had to prepare myself to finish the current academic year.


M.C.M Design Studio

During my last year at art school, I had my first work experience in an interior design studio in the centre of Verona. I took my first steps in the interior design world by laying the foundations and putting into practice the essential high school teachings. My role was pure support in the small things trying to understand the dynamics of the studio and helping the preparation of drawings and renders, in short, small things. Nevertheless, this experience allowed me to understand, at a young age, the roles of designers and the responsibilities they face every day, training me in the best possible way for future experience.